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Balloon Academy

Whether you are just starting out or looking to advance your craft, we are here to teach and support your growth. We fully believe that investing in yourself is the best way to grow your business which is why we are constantly taking classes from the best balloon artists from across the world. Benefit from the experience of many balloon instructors passed through us!  Over 10 years of training experience.


Garland Class

Spend 2-3 hours with us learning various techniques on how to build a full, beautiful, lush garland.


Full Day Workshop

Customized based on what areas you would like to learn. Potential topics include:

- managing a business

- how to gain new customers

- suppliers and tools needed

- how to build a garland

- hoops

- working with backdrops

- marquees

- helium masterclass



Recorded Garland Class

Recorded class on how to build a balloon garland.  Includes suppliers I use, tools needed, techniques to build and pricing.


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